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"Excellent!" - Joel-- Indiana.

"Awesome, wicked awesome!. Was as good as getting a new gun. You do excellent, fantastic work". - Curt-- Massachusetts.

"Truly better than expected. Great artist. Will be passed on to next generation". -Kimberly--Texas.

"Awesome custom work. Exactly as pictured.-Wayne--Hawaii.

"I received my lighters on Saturday. They are even better than I imagined! I am very much looking forward to seeing my other 3 custom Zippos."- Bob--Pennsylvania.

"Mike you are THEE man dude! This thing is absolutely incredible". - Nick--California.

"Very Awesome Lighter! Picture doesn't do it justice. Very pleased!"- Zeth--Louisiana.

"I just opened the box today and I am very impressed. Thank you so much. I will pass out your business cards at my next cigar event. Good luck with your business. -Lou--Texas.

"Wow, this is art! Thanks very much."- Dr. Joe--Virginia.

"I received my Air Force lighter yesterday. It's absolutely amazing! Thanks again!!" -Glen--USAF (location undisclosed).

"Wow. I am just speechless. I can't wait to show it off to everyone I know"- Jeff-- Minnesota.

"Mike, I've always believed that everyone should possess just one thing which is an exemplar of the best of it's kind; the finest of it's breed...and in the world of Zippos, yours are that." - John -- Montana.

"Mike, again I would like to tell you how much I like the custom .45/skull Zippo you made for me. I have carried it for over a month now and everyone who sees it loves it. When I leave home I carry 3 things; a custom Emerson CQC6 knife, a Wilson Combat 1911 "Professional", and your custom Wicked Zippo. Thanks again for such a fine work of art." -David--North Carolina.

"Mike...I want to thank you for your artistic talents and the time you put in to making all 4 of my custom lighters. Your craft is somewhat unique in that the Wicked Zippo lighter is art used daily, and I would suspect often, by the owner. This is an art form that says, 'I am different and I do things differently, and I am willing to stand out.' So now your art has taken a place in this house, the lighters that you crafted have become pieces of our family legacy. By their nature of design and use, they have become special things-when used or handled- that bind father to son(s), every day and often thoughout the day. I am grateful to have something that allows me to do that...these lighters are much more than just a torch. God Bless you and your family...thank you very much."-Dave--Minnesota.

"Love, Love, Love 'em! I bought two lighters and they are just amazing! Mike...I need one more before Christmas! I am so happy I found Wicked Zippo Studios!" -JoAnn--Virginia.

"Great collectible, quality workmanship, one of a kind".
-Bob-- Texas.

"Mike, I received the S&W model 29 .44 Magnum Zippo this morning. I can hardly say enough about how beautiful it is and how very much I appreciate your work. This lighter is a virtuoso performance on your part, and so exceptional it may become my new favorite. Just wanted you to know my Christmas is made! With great appreciation, Joe".

"It's Beautiful!!! Thank You!!!" -Sherry--Louisianna.

"Simply Awesome! I want another!" -David--Hawaii.

"Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for this custom skull Zippo, it exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier. It had everything you said it would and I appreciate all of the paperwork that came with it to confirm it's authenticity. Beautiful custom, well worth the wait! Thanks again".-Louis--New York.

"Very cool. My husband loved it!"- Christine--Nebraska.

"Excellent in all aspects. Great craftsman." -Bill--Texas.

"Took a while...but worth the wait. Awesome lighter! Thanks".-Robert--California.

"Hey Mike, Your package arrived about 2 hrs. ago and it is every bit as fantastic as I thought it would be. I am truly honored to have your artistic creation in my pocket to show everywhere I go. Thanks again, best regards, Bill"
- Bill--Virginia.

"Received the Zippo a couple of days ago...Bad-to-the-Bone!
Thank you again, Semper Fi." - Dwight--CA.

"Mike, I received my lighter yesterday and it is beautiful beyond my wildest dreams! Your work is meticulous, detailed, and total quality. After showing it off in the box to family and friends, and the newness wears off a little, I might put a little lighter fluid in it. But for now, I am like a kid on Christmas." Tim-- Mississippi.

"Bad ass lighter. Top shelf quality. None Better. Thanks much!"- Jim-- Texas.
"Hey Mike, I wanted to let you know that I received my custom .45 1911 Zippo about a week ago and I am completely enamored with it. The quality of the silver 1911 and the craftsmanship is exceptional beyond all my expectations. I can't leave home without my 1911 and my matching (Wicked Zippo) lighter." Charles--New York.

"Michael, received the custom Zippo today. Wow!!! It is gorgeous!! You did a fantastic job and I will spread the word".

"Beautiful !!!" - Arden -- Illinois.

"Yo Mike, Lighter is awesome...really like it. Planning on lighting up stogies with kids & friends later. You're the man. Thanks again!" -Dennis--Florida.

"Mike, got the Zippo on Tuesday and can't stop carrying it around & looking at it. It's such a unique and creative product. Looking forward to lighting my first cigar with it. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!"-Patrick--Colorado.

"Good Morning Michael, Very nice work on the lighter, definitely worth the wait. Thank you and my best to you and your family. Damn Few." - John--Wyoming.

"Hey Mike, just received my Zippo in the mail today and this bad boy looks slick! Thanks again!",

"Mike, I just received the Airborne Zippo and it's perfect!...I've made a contribution to Wounded Warrior Project in your honor, an organization near and dear to us both...
Deepest Regards,"- Ron-- Massachusetts.

"Mike, Just received a fantastic 1911 lighter from you, and I'm telling you that is a beautiful work of art. I appreciate your work on it and making it for me. It is just outstanding!"

"Hi Mike, Roy the lighters and I am very pleased, and you actually exceeded my expectations. I just wanted you to know that. You take care."-Roy--California.

"Mike, got the lighter today...absolutely perfect. I'm impressed as hell. Give me a buzz."-Jack--Washington.

"Thanks so much Mike! What an amazing piece, your work is superb. Truly an item that becomes a treasured possession immediately." -Josh--Pennsylvania.

"I got the lighter and wow, what an amazing piece of artwork! You are very talented and thank you again for everything!!!"-Lee-Ann--Ontario.

"Hello, I received the Zippo yesterday. I am very pleased with it, beautiful work! So thanks again for the great service. Greetings, Kim." -Kim--Belgium.

"Hi Mike, I'd like to order another lighter from you for a friend of mine. The one my wife got me for Christmas is a great piece of art. Great work!"- Joe-- Florida.

'Mike, Thank you Brother. Truly amazing art! I will personally make sure your work is seen around the world."-Brett--New Mexico.

"Mr. Porter, I have received my lighter and excellent does not begin to describe this Zippo. It is probably one of your very best works. Maybe someday you can get back into doing this again because those are the most beautiful lighters I have seen in my life. You have my sincerest gratitude and one day I'd like to meet you sir."-David--North Carolina.

"Mike, Ron was absolutely floored by his Zippo ! I seriously can't thank you enough for what you did, you are one stand up guy."- Kelli--Montana

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